Here are a few tips to help keep your home and property a little more safe and secure.

Home security Tips

  • Use Deadbolt locks on all entry doors

  • If there is glass near the lock use dual keyed cylinder to prevent thieves from breaking glass and turning knob.
  • Make sure door frames, doors and strikes are in good working order. Rotten, warped, or damaged door hardware should be replaced.
  • Sliding glass doors should have a secondary lock besides the one it came with.
  • An alarm system siren will go a long way to deter and frighten away intruders.As will an alarm company sign in the yard.
  • Never leave safes on "Day Lock" . The practice off turning a safe dial just a few numbers away from open position then turning it back  the same to get in and out quickly. In some busy places this is a standard practice but a risky one. All a thief would need to do is start dialing by 1 number increments and trying handle. Day locking essentially renders the lock ineffective.
  • Think twice about throwing the box to your new 42 inch t.v. to the curb. Thieves look for things like that. A bunch of brand new boxes of expensive items is like an arrow pointing to your house.
  • Use the appropriate lock for the job. A fire rated safe is just that. A burglary rated safe is rated to withstand burglary attacks for a period of time. There are a lot of safes on the market. I suggest you make sure the lock is rated group 2 or higher by UL(Underwriters Laboratory) .
  • Installing surveillance cameras will help deter criminals and aid in investigation of any incidents.
  • The most common crimes are ones of opportunity such as an unlocked door or window.
  • If you just moved to a new house it's a good idea to change or rekey the locks. The last person with access may still have a key or copied one.